The UEC meets with clubs in Malta

The UEC travelled to Malta to present the initiative to clubs from first division

June 22, 2023



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It has been a privilege to meet with clubs from Malta to present the and the importance of providing clubs of all sizes a voice in decision making processes. Clubs expressed strong support for the UEC initiative and the need to revise the current system of representation to accommodate the diversified aspirations and interests of all football clubs in Europe. The discussions with club representatives were effective in bringing to light their dependence on solidarity considering the specific environment they operate in.

The UEC addresses its compliments to all the clubs in Malta for their efforts in preserving and developing football in Malta and their contributions and insights during our meeting. A big thank you to the league chairman, Mr. Joseph Muscat for his help in organising the meeting.

We look forward to working with Maltese clubs in the coming period of the UEC’s development!